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Hearing protection for your child: why exactly? Many children suffer from reduced hearing due to hearing loss. And unfortunately that group is growing steadily. This is shown by several studies. And the cause is also clear: the hearing of a child is still developing and therefore less resistant to loud noise. Add to that the fact that we live in a society where you sometimes have to deal with many decibels, such as fireworks with old-and-new or the sound installations at festivals, fairs and other events.

To a festival with your child: hearing protection!
One of the places where children are increasingly exposed to loud noise are festivals. In recent years, more and more festivals have been organized, and the visiting target group is broader than ever. Where in the past mainly young people populated the festival fields, that is no longer the case. They have become events where everyone comes to enjoy music and culture. Parents with (young) children also make a festival a fun day out. And that is of course also very nice, so together. But anyone who takes their child to a music festival is advised to bring good hearing protection.

The BV-71BW hearing protection for children from Alecto is an excellent choice for that matter:

The hearing protector dampens harmful and loud sounds, but does not shut your child away from the ambient noise (attenuation 29dB SNR).
The hearing protection is light and collapsible and therefore easy to carry (ideal for events and festivals).
Because of its universal fit, this sound protection is suitable for children from 18 months.
Comfortable thanks to the soft headband.

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