Elodie Details - Nesting Candle Lullaby

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Elodie Details' Nesting Candle is made from 100% all-natural soy wax, hand poured and created in Sweden. This is an eco-friendly and much healthier alternative to traditional oil-based paraffin. It burns longer and releases hardly any soot in to the air. 

Carefully scented with essential oils, it fills the room with a light and airy, long lasting scent where calming hints of lily blossoms and vanilla harmonize with the deeper notes of earthy amber and sandalwood. Enjoy the pure feeling of serenity it brings. Like a lullaby for the senses.

Size: Height 9 cm, Diameter 8 cm
Material: 100% Eco-friendly Soy wax
Extra: Burn time 40 hours
Upcycling tip:  The used up glass container can be turned into a pretty little flower pot. 

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