Jeune Premier - Backpack Ralphie Mini Posh Parrots

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With this backpack Ralphie Mini Posh Parrots by Jeune Premier, your little girl will enjoy going to school or day care. More stylish than this will be hard to find.

This backpack Ralphie Mini in blue and pink colors has a nice colorful parrot print. Your little girl will love it!

It’s also extremely practical ,it has a main compartment and a slip pocket. So it is more than sufficient to put a lunch box, drinking bottle, snack box and even a sweater or jacket away. With a drawstring, the box is easy to open, even by the smallest hands.

So stylish and practical … but also comfortable.
The backpack has a reinforced back in neoprene and 2 adjustable straps so that it is comfortable on the back, but can also be held in the hand by the handles.



Dimensions      : 24 x 29 x 9 cm

Color and print  : Blue/pink & colorful posh parrots

Material            : 100% dirt and water-resistant canvas

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