Les Rêves d'Anaïs - Nursery basket Sirène Grey

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Les Rêves d'Anaïs captures the innocence and beauty of a newborn with a refined range of bedding and nursery products. The brand breaths an enchanting elegance that can be found in every single detail. Les Rêves d'anais is characterised by its unique offer of collections. The beautiful series of classic uni collections are enriched with collections that have a subtle, delicate print. Together they provide a refreshing touch to the classical segment. 

Nursery basket by Les Rêves d'Anaïs in collection Sirène Grey. This pretty nursery basket allows you to stow away all your baby care products or small toys in a neat and organized way. The basket is standing up nicely thanks to a firm mousse. On the inside, some elastic straps offer more storage options.

Nursery Basket

color: sirène grey
size: 25 x 25 x 15 cm

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