Nibbling - Necklace Kew Soft Blue

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The Kew stylish teething necklace is a modern Mum’s answer to baby safe jewellery. It can be used for allowing baby to focus on while nursing, or nibbling on while starting to teethe.

For the most stylish mum and the luckiest baby, the silicone beads are fun to wear and to hold and relieving to chew.

While this is jewellery for Mums, Nannies and Grannies – the beads are large enough to be grasped by small hands, making this nice both as a teething necklace and as a breastfeeding necklace, giving the baby something to grip onto as they nurse.

Baby can easily chew on the soft silicone beads, soothing their need to teeth.

Kew is one of our most versatile styles and was featured in the Observer Magazine and in the Angels and Urchins Magazine.

  • 4 coloured silicone beaded teething necklace
  • Safe, break-away clasp: white
  • Length approx 86 cm 
  • BPA free, phthalate free and non toxic
  • Clean with soapy water, sterilizer and dishwasher safe

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