Quut - Raki Grey/Blue

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With this rake and digger, children can work beside mum and dad in

the garden or give free rein to their creativity when at the beach or in the snow.

With this multiple-piece, open-ended tool, endless learning, creativity and fun is guaranteed in the garden, at the beach, in the sandpit and in the snow! Not only can it be used as a rake or a spade, it can also be used as a funnel,a sieve and a water and sand writing tool, the possibilities are endless!

Available in two beautiful color combinations.


15,7 x 11,1 x 5,5 cm

6.2 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches

Weight: ± 80 gr | 0.2 pounds

Material: PP



Vintage blue + Mighty orange

Bungee Grey + Vintage blue


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